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What Causes Hair Loss In Men

Hair loss in men is usually a very sensitive subject.

Guys overall don’t like the idea of losing a physical feature that adds to their appearance and self-confidence. But the reality is male baldness happens, and most men are going to struggle with it at some point.

The following article will look at the common causes of hair loss in men, and the possible solution to the problem.

The Three Groups

It’s surprising to think there can be so many reasons why men lose their hair, but they do exist and they are categorized in three main groups. These are:

– Genetics
– Lifestyle Choices
– Skin Conditions

The best way to treat hair loss is to find the problem first. This way there won’t be money wasted on the wrong medication or products, and quicker results can be seen.

It’s Part Of The Genes

Some guys are just unlucky, and their hair loss problem comes from their parents. This is better known as male pattern baldness, and it comes in the ever popular U-shape. This is also the first cause on the list, because it’s the most common cause of hair loss in men.

Regardless of the rumors, male pattern baldness is not caused by stress. It’s purely genetic and it can be carried over by both parents.

Thus far the best treatment for genetic related baldness is prescription medication, and a doctor has to be consulted in order to get them.

It’s Part Of Aging

Some things in life just can’t be helped, for example aging. It’s a natural process everyone has to face, although some gets it a little harder than others.

Once again, genetics come into play. And for a guy it’s perfectly natural to notice slower hair growth after turning thirty.

For the guys who simply can’t embrace their baldness with style, there are prescription medication options, along with hair transplants.

Not Following A Healthy Diet

It’s probably the last thing a guy thinks of, but food has a big influence on healthy hair growth. And the damage from a bad diet can be seen with a sudden and extreme hair shedding. Substantial weight changes or a lack of iron can definitely cause hair loss.

The best solution is changing your diet to something more balanced between protein, zinc, iron and biotin.

Too Much Stress

It seems like stress is always part of something bad that’s happening, and hair loss is not excluded. However, it will probably show in hair thinning out, as supposed to receding at the hairline.

The problem is that stress comes with daily life, which involves a job, the bills and other responsibilities. The only way to effectively approach stress is by learning to cope better. Some light therapy is a good start.

The Style Is Too Tight

The guys who love their ponies or man-buns aren’t going to like this, but a tight hair style encourages a receding hairline.

This doesn’t mean a tight style can’t be used every now and then. It should just be substituted often.

The Possibility Of Psoriasis

People usually mistake it for dandruff, but Psoriasis is in fact too much skin being produced by the scalp. If the skin gets too much it can damage follicles and cause temporary hair loss.

Speaking to a doctor would be the best approach, and the treatment will most likely involve a special type of shampoo.

The Possibility Of Seborrheic Dermatitis

This is an inflammatory skin condition that can causes patches of hair to fall out. The best option is to avoid scratching and seeking medical advice.

These are the most common causes for hair loss in men. And even though treatments might not work for everyone, it’s worth trying if your plays an important part in your life.