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Veterans for Peace Formally Introduced in UK

Veterans for Peace UK was formally released. During the event a few veterans attended and they stated the function of the organization and explained the purpose of all encounters. The decision of the group is a favorable standard that will enable a bigger range of assistance of many peace teams.

The purposes of the Group:

• To resist battle via non-violent action.
• To support war resistants.
• To counter militarism and inform on the true nature of war.

UK-veteransAn explanation of our commitment to acting non-violently was made, Gerry Condon (VFP USA) described that although there are many pacifists within VFP it is not a pacifist company. Bruce Kent enlightened us with some stories of resistance outward the British Military that are not well known.

Bradley Manning Veterans Vigil

In London the Advocates and Veterans for Peace in UK group held a vigil for Bradley Manning at the UNITED STATE Consular office. A pre-trial hearing on Friday for Bradley will begin at Fort Meade, Maryland and faces charges that could bring about a life time behind bars.

He was sentenced to 7 months in military jail and was released in November 2011. Michael took a trip up from Plymouth to reveal his support for Bradley Manning which faces a life time in prison. He mentions that we must be supplying our support to those pressures if we are not yet involve in battle resistance.

Ben Lion talked of the relevance of sustaining battle resistants. If we are not yet engaged in war resistance, he mentions that we ought to be providing our support to those forces. And concerning Bradley he believes that he’s a Hero.

Veterans in Prison

Public issue is increasingly being revealed regarding the high lots of veterans in the jail system – lots more than from other profession.

A considerable lot of them are ex-soldiers which have actually served in conflicts and several of them are experiencing the covert cuts of combat associated with mental injuries. It is these veterans which are boosting the varieties of previous armed solution personnel in prison.

A health condition like battle associated post-traumatic stress disorder (POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER) is a trigger for the acts that lead lots of veterans to prison and it commonly remains undiagnosed.

Some veterans who dealing are with undiagnosed PTSD and as a result not receiving treatment, have actually served one prison term, then been released and have actually taken place to commit the very same type of crime and have ended up behind bars once more.

Veterans Health Issue

The concentrate on returning veterans in the news, several soldiers are starting to examine their healthcare needs and locations where their health could be impacted by occasions that happened while they were in duty.

Among the areas of gravest worry is Post Traumatic Anxiety Condition (PTSD). With a better understanding of the effect combat and the activities linked with combat have on psychological wellness, there has been a greater approval of the necessity for examination of PTSD signs and therapy for mental health problems.

Veterans for Peace UK are formally introduced. The choice of the group is a good criterion that will certainly allow a wider scope of assistance of numerous peace teams.

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